Had a problem with my right side hearing aid. Monia showed me the error of my ways: I wasn't replacing the filter correctly. Everything's fine now. I'm very happy. Thanks.
Eel Ver, on Google
My experience with the Specialist, Monica Clay was great. She explained the connection with my brains and my hearing. I feel comfortable referring her to my family and friends. Thank you.
Helen Taylor, on Google
The office in Oak Lawn (10316 S. Cicero Ave.) is spotless, the receptionist (Darlene) is very helpful and courteous, the audiologist (Dr. Monia Clay) is precise and professional, and best of all, the hearing devices are amazing. My wife nagged me for years to get my hearing checked, and I finally consented - only to discover that there was a whole world of sound I was not hearing. Years of live, loud blues/rock jam sessions got the best of my hearing, but now I literally don't miss a thing. And it gets better - they honored a Labor Day Sale even after my purchase was made prior to that date and saved me $1,200!! I am a customer for life. I am NOT being compensated for this review. This is my honest recounting of the experience. These devices are so clear, I can hear crickets mating a block away and can tell you which one is on top. The technology is finally here that makes hearing aids comfy, inconspicuous, clear and carefree. - Happy Camper.
The Breeze, on Google
Darlene the initial Customer Service Leader was at the top of her game with an awarding winning personality. My exam and consultation was completed by Monica Clay which whom I was well pleased.
Derrick D Milner Sr, on Google

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