Single-Sided Hearing Loss

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Single-Sided Hearing Loss

Solutions for people with hearing loss in mainly one ear.

Single Sided Hearing Loss

Product Features

We typically recommend either a CROS or a BiCROS system. A CROS system consists of a single microphone and single receiver contained in two individual devices (one for each ear). The ear with little-to-no functional hearing is fit with the microphone-equipped device, and the ear with normal hearing is fit with the receiver-equipped device. Sound arriving at the ear with hearing loss will then transmit through a wireless connection to the receiver-equipped device on the normal-hearing ear — to help you hear sounds regardless of which side they’re coming from.

A BiCROS system consists of a microphone-equipped device that is fit to the poorer-hearing ear and a conventional hearing aid fit to the better-hearing ear that has some hearing loss.

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Customer Reviews

Needed an extra setting on my hearing aids. Everything was handled very well.

Mark Hillenbrand, on Google

My appointment with Hearing Lab was far more informative than I expected. The staff was very friendly and professional. They made it very easy to make informed decisions.

Mildred Davis, on Google

I really like the service I received here very friendly and professional it was my first time coming to hearing lab I’m glad I did I would recommend it to my friends and family 👍🏽🫶🏼

Eliazar De Los Santos, on Google

Nice and helpful receptionist and doctor ! Would definitely refer people to this office !

Karen Crandall, on Google

Etoyl Price, on Google

Sheryl McGill, on Google

Great experience , great doctor , appreciate all the help to help to hear better !!

Kifayh Jodeh, on Google

I have been coming here for 8 yrs. They provide "Great customer service" that is both excellent and consistent.

vary arrington, on Google

Monica did a good job talking care my hearing device this morning. Monica changed the filters on both device. She update the next appointment for on June 29th 9:30 in the morning. Michelle did a good job set up appointment and called when what time and day to bring my...

Ricky Molk, on Google

I was very impressed with punctual service and testing facility. Being that I'll be 68 this year and have rode motorcycles for over 20 years that could have some effect with regards to my hearing, I will be back next year for testing. Thank you to the Hearing Lab, and...

Arron Muhammad, on Google

Charlie House, on Google

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